Whip Squeak

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Favorite Saying
Short Bio
I am a doctor of physical therapy and manage the rehab department at a small town hospital. I play derby because I love to skate and when you add full contact to that, I'm all in!! Who Durant love hitting people with a smile? When I'm not playing derby or working you can find me outside, most likely rock climbing but anything outdoors keeps me happy!
Rocks. Caramel apples. Bubble tea. Massages (The best massage therapist in town...I know him!). Sunshine and Rainbows.
Cilantro, tomatoes, hair, raw meat
I do all the things!!
2016 season awards included "Speedy Gonzales" and "Most Points Per Jam"
Comments or Info
I hope to see everyone out at our bouts this season! Fans make derby!!! Without you, there's no fun and no more derby!!
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