Sawblade Sindy

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I'm a general ledger accountant with a Masters degree in professional accountancy and CPA certification. I like to read books and enjoy the peace and quiet of my own home. I'm an active member and church auditor for Lamb of God Lutheran church in Madison. Since joining derby, I've also gotten into running - I've completed several half marathons in the past couple of years and also completed a full marathon (26.2 miles) in December 2015. I enjoy playing roller derby for many reasons including the friendships, the exercise, the intense strategy and evolved rules, and a little bit just because it's completely "out of character" for me. I can be a different person on the track and at times that person feels like a super hero.
Food, friends, doing things I never thought I could do before
Blocker, pivot, mother hen (knows the rules and how to apply strategies), grandma (drives slow and goes to bed early at travel bout).
Have won "cleanest skater" (fewest penalties) and "most improved" awards for multiple seasons.
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