Rocket City Mel

Derby Number
Doing Derby Since
Favorite Saying
You can sing when you're old. You better skate now.
Short Bio
Hobbies: Coaching Junior Roller Derby, Cycling, knitting, rocketry, history. Degrees: Graphic Arts, Master's of Library Science (Librarian), 1/2 a Master's in Book Arts, multiple IT certifications. Job: Server Systems Engineer. I started playing because my friend made me, and now I can't stop.
Anything outdoors, as long as I have sunscreen. I like watching young people grow up to be awesome and helping teach them the sport of derby. I like books books books and I read read read. I like my beautiful red-headed children, including the one who is turning out to be an amazing derby skater.
Being late.
Just throw me out there and I'll see what I can do.
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