Miss Invasion

Derby Number
Doing Derby Since
Favorite Saying
Never grow up. Flash her a smile, give her a wink, she'll knock you out, then buy you a drink.
Short Bio
Manager at Taco Mama Twickenham. Hobbies include traveling, being healthy, going to the beach as frequently as possible, empowering and encouraging people to be themselves and stand up for what you believe in. I don't have any paper showing the completion of higher levels of education however, I feel that it is something I would like to achieve in the future, maybe, if I ever grow up.
Derby, women, confidence, dirty chai tea, the beach, acceptance of diversity and difference of opinion, challenges, spreading positivity
Bullies, global warming, narrow mindedness, insensitivity, hate
Everywhere you are
Comments or Info
Always challenge yourself to do better and be better.
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