Derby Number
Favorite Saying
"A mind that will not admit it has something more to learn is in danger of stagnating." -Anne McCaffrey
Short Bio
Hazard has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which comes in handy at her job (which she loves) where she meets people who think nothing of pairing neon pink mohawks with shoes that look like a paint store threw up on them, and the motto is ""You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll teach you!"" A self-proclaimed yarn snob, Hazard (whose mother wisely gave her the more socially acceptable name of Rachel) makes her living pushing luxury knitting and crochet supplies on local yarn stores all over the world. Except Europe. For reasons.
When she's not perfecting her falling technique, Hazard can be found with knitting needles in hand or geeking out over her two friggin' adorable nieces, video games, good books, and various crafting activities. Her other likes also include spending inordinate amounts of time researching random topics, the smell of leather, and trolling thrift stores for awesome deals.
Hazard doesn't particularly care for having cameras pointed at her, but actual dislikes include disrespectful people, being late to anything, and the societal condemnation of those struggling with mental health issues.
As a member of the Dixie Derby Girls, Hazard boasts the singular status of the being the most senior freshmeat skater in the league. She also serves as the chairman of the merchandise committee.
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