DayZ KutHer

Derby Number
Favorite Saying
You choose your own day, so I choose happiness!
Short Bio
I love my family! I love riding motorcycles. I enjoy the gym. I've been in the Army for 16 years, and I have the best job in the Army, I'm a Career Counselor and I used to jump out of airplanes.
Motorcycles, tattoos, guns, and daisies
I dislike wet socks and forks and knives scraping a plate.
Comments or Info
My Derby name is DayZ KutHer (Daisy Cutter) it's a bomb, they were dropped from Blu-82's that's why my number is 82. I spelled DayZ that way so I could have a "Z" for my kids Zach and Zoe. It's KutHer with a "K" because my maiden name starts with a "K" and it is Kut Her to be more derby.
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