Dixie Derby Girls is an Alabama nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization. Dixie Derby Girls is a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) League Member, is insured by WFTDA and governed by WFTDA rules. The WFTDA is the United States flat-track roller derby league sanctioning body, providing rules and enabling national competition. The ruleset defines eligibility requirements, teams, game parameters, players, pack, blocking, penalties, scoring, officials, and safety. Each skater in our league must meet the WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements, including basic skating skills, falls, balance/agility, skating with others, blocking, and knowledge of rules. 

League History


The Dixie Derby Girls were established and began training in 2004. In 2006, they began bouting at Roller Time with two home teams, the Thrill Killers and the Red Hot Riots, and an All-Star team that travelled and played teams from other leagues. The Thrill Killers and Red Hot Riots were dissolved in 2008 and an A and B team were established, with the A team playing for WFTDA ranking and traveling to play other leagues. The B team was primarily a home team and did not play for rankings. This change coincided with the league moving their games to the Von Braun Center. In 2010, the A team was renamed the Raging Rockets, and the B team was renamed the Rocket City Rollers. With the WFTDA rolling out a new divisions system to replace the geographic regions, DDG is currently a Division 3 team as of January 2013. As the league has changed, so to has its venues and partnerships. With the dissolution of a sister league, Rolling Arsenal of Derby, the Dixie Derby Girls partnered with the local junior roller derby team, the Rocket City Rebels (formerly the RAD Recruits). The two teams now play their home seasons at the Insanity Complex as partnered double headers.

Being one of the original WFTDA Charter Leagues, the Dixie Derby Girls can boast a long history of sponsoring neighboring leagues to become members of the WFTDA. The league is proud to have been the first bout opponent for many leagues in the southeast and southern midwest. The team has also traveled to Puerto Rico. 

League governance

The League is governed by the Board of Directors. They ensure the league maintains a sound business structure. Most league decisions, however, are made by the Executive Committee.

PresidentRocket City Mel
Vice PresidentWiley Kayote
SecretaryRollie the Riveter
Bylaws & Policy Compliance OfficerQT Pi

The Executive Committee is composed of the chair and co-chair of each working committee. These are Marketing, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Events, Training, and Officiating. Each committee, with the exception of Officiating, gets to vote in Executive Committee decisions. There is also a non-voting Grievance Committee, which takes care of all skater conflicts.

FundraisingBlunt Force Mama
MarketingMo Mercy
Poison Knivey
SponsorshipHurricane Catrina
EventsFairy Dangerous
Asian Invasion
MerchandiseIdentity Crisis
Hales’ Bells
TrainingAtom Smash-Her
Officiating CommitteeZero Factorial


The League operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and partners with local charities for every home bout. In addition, the league and individual skaters participate in events to raise money and awareness for local charities. In the past, money has been raised for:

Habitat for Humanity
Harris Home for Children
Breaking Free Rescue Mission
American Heart Association
Hope Place
Life Cycles
The Boys & Girls Club
A New Leash on Life
The American Red Cross
Huntsville Friends of Rabbits