• 3/04

    DCRG: 171
    DDG: 154
  • 3/18

    DDG: 145
    CRG: 211
  • 4/15

    DDG: 166
    GDD: 184
  • 4/22

    NRG: 100
    DDG: 295
  • 5/06

    Away @
    Tragic City
  • 5/13

    Home vs.
  • 6/10

    Away @
  • 7/22

    Away @
    Classic City Crush
  • 8/19

    Away @
    Beach Brawl
  • 8/26

    Home vs.
    Tragic City

Saturday, May 13th

Home game vs. Atlanta Jukes of Hazzard

About Atlanta Jukes of Hazzard:

Atlanta Rollergirls are a women's flat-track roller derby league based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2004, the league finished their ninth season in November 2013. The Atlanta Rollergirls are a founding member league of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

In November 2012, the Atlanta Rollergirls hosted the 2012 WFTDA Championships.
The Jukes of Hazzard – Atlanta’s C-Team, established in 2011 is composed of skaters from each of the four home teams. Active skaters who are neither on DSDG nor the Rumble Bs may put their names in for consideration for games. The Jukes of Hazzard have a rotating roster of members based on the game and team they will be playing. The Jukes of Hazzard compete in exhibition and non-sanctioned games.
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