• 10/20

    Away @
  • 2/3

    Away @
  • 3/24

    Home vs.
  • 3/31

    Away @
  • 4/13

    @ Tournament
    Lowdown Throwdown
  • 4/28

    Away @
    Big Easy*
  • 5/12

    Away @
    Tragic City
  • 5/19

    Home vs.
    Hard Knox*
  • 6/16

    Away @
    Demolition City*
  • 6/23

    Home vs.
    Rock Town*
  • 7/14

    Home vs.
  • 7/21

    @ Home
    Star Wars
  • 8/18

    Home vs.


Home vs.

Saturday, March 24th

Home game vs. Muscogee Roller Girls

About Muscogee Roller Girls:

Muscogee Roller Girls is a Roller Derby League in Columbus, GA. We are a non-profit amateur sports organization committed to promoting the sport of roller derby. We strongly promote the power of women's flat track roller derby by developing leadership skills, sportsmanship and inspiring positive athletic female role models.
Muscogee Roller Girls come from all walks of life. We are all mothers, daughters, wives and professionals. We are dedicated to building a positive presence within our community and will give back through involvement with local businesses and organizations.
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