• 2/09

    DDG: 53
    TCR: 313
  • 3/09

    CCRG: 67
    DDG: 167
  • 3/30

    DDG: 170
    RTRD: 95
  • 4/13

    HKRG: 108
    DDG: 162
  • 5/18

    Home vs.
  • 6/22

    Home vs.
    Vette City
  • 7/13

    Star Wars
  • 7/27

    Away @
    Hard Knox
  • 8/17

    Home vs.
    Somer City
  • 9/07

    Away @
    Capital City

Saturday, May 18th

Home game against Muscogee Roller Girls

About Muscogee Roller Girls:

Muscogee Roller Girls is the Tri-City Area’s only all-female, full contact, flat track roller derby league. As a 501c7 non-profit organization, MRG is committed to growing and promoting the sport of Roller Derby by bringing together a diverse group of women to represent the community in regional athletic competition and foster sportsmanship, teamwork, and grit. MRG seeks to provide positive role models for young women by serving as contributing members of the local community by providing support through outreach, volunteerism and financial contribution.
All the athletes who compete for MRG are female. Men are welcome to participate as referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers. The league currently has 20 skaters, two referees, and an up-and-coming “fresh meat” class of 5.


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